Lets Get This Party Started

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    глубина упаковки240
    автор на обложкеSoleil Frye
    авторSoleil Frye
    тип изданияОтдельное издание
    тип обложкиМягкая обложка
    формат издания205x245
    издательствоStewart, Tabori & Chang
    год выпуска2013
    количество страниц176
    язык изданияАнглийский
    фотографMeeno Peluce

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    О книге

    Birthday parties for kids are getting more and more expensive these days. How many parents have been shocked to realise that they just dropped ?500 on their four-year-old’s party? Soleil Moon Frye’s new book will feature more than 15 parties that you can throw for your kids that are not only inexpensive but wildly inventive and fun. Each party in the book will include two crafts, one game and one recipe – ALL of which you can put together with your child. Aside from crafts and recipes, there are countless tips and ideas that will inspire you. Some of the parties featured in the book include: the fairy party, the pirate party, the movie-on-the-lawn party, the camp party, the 80s party, the rainbow party, the Halloween party, the luau and much more. Throughout the book are gorgeous and colourful images by photographer Meeno Peluce. (Anybody who had access to a TV set in the 1970s will remember Meeno, who is also Soleil’s brother.) Timely and fun, this book will be a must-have for anybody who has kids and loves entertaining.

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